It is my pleasure and gratitude to welcome you to our website. We at Tanzania Library Association (TLA) trust that you will find this website superbly informative, educative, and appealing to the highly growing demand for knowledge about library information services in Tanzania and beyond.

Tanzania Library Association (TLA) was established in 1973, after the dissolving of the East African Library Association (EALA). Ever since it has remained the only professional association that safeguards the interests of all library and information personnel in Tanzania, therefore, we are determined and remain committed to ensuring that our esteemed stakeholders and the general public are constantly and timely provided with accurate, relevant, up-to-date, and quality information.

Through this website, we are also set to demonstrate to our esteemed customers our conviction to realize our vision, mission, and core functions.

Once again, TLA welcomes you to this website.

 Prof. Alli Mcharazo


 Tanzania Library and Information Association (TLA)