The Tanzania Library Association (TLA)  is managed by the following principal officers and organs:-

  1. Patron
  2. Chairperson
  3. Governing Council
  4. Executive Committee
    1. Chairperson
    2. Deputy Chairperson
    3. Secretary General
    4. Deputy Secretary General
    5. Secretary of Education, Professionalism and Ethics Department
    6. Secretary of Publication, Research and Development Department
    7. Secretary of Sectoral Libraries Department
    8. Secretary of Planning, Administration and Finance Department
    9. Secretary of Regional Branches Department
  5. Committees
    1. The Association have committees on:
    2. Education, Professionalism and Ethics
    3. Publication, Research and Development
    4. Sectoral Libraries and Information Units
    5. Planning, Administration and Finance
    6. Regional Branches